Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pigs on Pasture

Yesterday spelled freedom for our two pigs, who finally were put out on pasture. With early grazing from the ram the clovers and grasses had recovered enough to turn the pigs out. As you can see they were delighted to root their noses into soft dirt and greens. The pen next to this one was rooted up by the pigs we butchered this winter and turned over by my husband and planted with open pollinated field corn. Pigs do a wonderful job at ploughing and fertilizing as well as provide delicious meat. We feed an organic non-GMO feed consisting of barley, field peas and corn. No soybean meal. The feed is ground by the mill and then we soak it with leftover milk or whey from the goats and our nieces cows who are all on organic pastures.

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