Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Garden Goodness

Despite all the rain lately, the garden is growing fast. We have been eating chinese cabbage, several varieties of lettuce, onions, beets(golden and red), sugar snap peas, and spinach. The picture above is broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower with snap peas in the back ground.

Here are the first tomatoes setting on. They are a little bigger than golf balls. This variety is an heirloom called Moskovich. I also have a variety called Indigo Rose with tomatoes setting on in my kitchen garden.
Here is the first Kohlrabi ready to eat. It has a mild broccoli flavor but a little sweeter. I peeled off the outer layer and sliced thin to munch on raw. For supper I steamed some slices with snap peas and red peppers and served with spagetti. Kohlrabi is earlier than broccoli and fills in for a fresh green veggie until the main crops arrive.

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  1. Beautiful garden. I've never had kohlrabi, will have to try it.