Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Harvesting fall dye plants

 Madder Root

Madder plant
This past weekend was so nice, I took the opportunity to gather the last of the dye plants. First I cut all my woad which I used to try a new dye method using a low PH to extract the dye in room Temp water. Then proceeded to the original recipe using washing soda to raise PH and Spectralite to remove all air in the dye bath and got a very light blue on braided roving.  ( Bottom pictures). There wasn't much dye in the plants probably from being frosted on. Next I cut all my weld that was left in the garden which I hadn't dried earlier. The last dye to gather was madder, which needs to be dug. The roots were 4 years old and very nice. All dye plants and roots will be dried to use this winter and to sell at fiber shows.
 Weld Plant
 Woad Dye Bath
 Woad Dyed Roving