Friday, June 19, 2009

Dairy Goats

Our small herd of French Alpine dairy goats provides us with sweet milk and homemade cheese and soap. Our milkers consist of 2-3 does producing a gallon or more of milk a day. This spring has brought lots of milk so I have tried my hand at making goats milk cheddar and colby cheese."Goats Produce too" is an excellent book for anything about goatmilk.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My woven rugs

I have been weaving rugs for about 8 years. I have a two-harness rug loom, and a four-harness HD studio loom. I like to create my own designs, but I also enjoy weaving traditional Mennonite rug patterns. My rugs are made of 8/4 cotton warp with wool and cotton rags as weft. In the future I plan to weave towels and runners.

Comments and/or new ideas are appreciated!

About Grouse Ridge Woolens

We are a small natural homestead located in SE Appalachian Ohio. Our life consists of a small flock of cross-bred sheep and Alpine dairy goats. We also specialize in working and training Border Collies for use on stock. I have had a growing passion for natural living that has inspired me to create a small home buisness of fiber preparations, weaving and gardening. This also includes raising and homeschooling seven children as part of our christian lifestyle. An old Shaker saying "Hands to work, hearts to God" has influenced my husband and I to teach our children to not be afraid of hard work and to work as unto the Lord.