Friday, April 26, 2013

Horticulture Happenings

Blossoms are everywhere and that includes the apple trees in the orchard. This year we are using an other approach to caring for our fruit trees. It is permaculture which uses a permanant mulch around our trees using composted hay and wood chips. We removed all the turf out to the drip line and applied the mulch to encourage bacteria and fungi in the soil around the trees, therefore feeding the soil which feeds the roots which feed the tree. The results are less mowing, we like that, healthier trees and fruit.
Apple trees with new mulch.
A new raspberry trellis with blue bird box. My berries will also get a mulch along with the blackberries. My new blueberry plants got a pine needle mulch. Lettuce started in Feb. and set out under the hoop house at the beginning of the month will be ready to eat very soon. This variety a butter crunch is called Tom Thumb.

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