Friday, August 22, 2014

Fall ewe flock

These two ewes were ones from a lamb crop two springs ago. We had sold them to an Amish friend and had no plans of buying them back but...... our friends moved and weren't taking their sheep and we lost a 2 year old mule ewe last month to plant poisoning. A tomato plant had sprouted in the compost pile next to the pasture and when we noticed a problem it was too late. These ewes are out of our last texel ram and BFL/dorset cross ewes. that brings our total to 5 ewes which is plenty for our small farm.
The BFL is very obvious in the face and clean necks and bellies. The texel is also obvious in the hind end. They are nice ewes. They will be bred to our yearling texel ram, Elliot.

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