Monday, October 8, 2012

Shetland Flock

This past week brought a change to Grouse Ridge Farm. On Monday morning I found my shetland mule ewe dead in the pasture, bloated from something she ate. This left me with 1 BFL ewe, because I just sold my crossed ewes with plans to move forward with shetland mules for a flock more suited for fiber and grass fed meat. With a couple of e-mail conversations I acquired a small flock of shetlands which I plan to use to breed my own shetland mules. They are settling in well and have given my border collie Craig a new and exciting challenge of working small fast sheep. He is rising to the challenge very well. If I can secure a BFL ram this fall mule lambs will come sooner than later.


  1. Hi Tari,

    Sorry to hear about your mule ewe. I have a couple of good BFL ram lambs available.


  2. Contact Anne and Gordon about their English Blue yearling from Potosi. They might also have a ram lamb available.

  3. I have contacted Anne and might be able to work something out. The colors of the ewes are,fawn,musket,shaela(maybe she'll change)and emsket. I'm just learning about the markings and colors and coats etc.