Sunday, July 1, 2012

It wasn't a tornado

"Wasn't it a mighty storm, wasn't it a mighty storm in the morning, wasn't it a mighty storm, that blew all the people away". The chorus of a blue grass song kept going through my head after the summer storm of June 2012.  At top is what our front yard looked like after, to the right is what it looks like normally. In our woods, tree tops were blown out and lots of tops were on the fences. In the little town of Somerton(just 15 minutes away) the roof of a historic church was blown off, which made national news. Three of our little chicks were crushed by the chicken tractor which should have blown away were it not for a tree right next to it that held it in place. The news said it wasn't a tornado but called it something else I've never heard of. It was the biggest storm we've had since we've lived here.  The Lord protected His children once more.


  1. Glad you are safe. Do you have electricity?

  2. It was off for almost 24 hours. But things are purring along just fine now.