Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Fare

Deer meat is now plentiful in our household and two favorite ways to prepare it are either jerked or made into salami. I have had a few comments on my salami recipe and I am considering marketing packets of the spices to mix yourself. Since I am new to this sort of thing I am getting advice from someone who is marketing her own spice mixes and condiments. My goal is to have it ready by next deer season(2010).
Well winter has set in and that means no more greens from the garden. I have no greenhouse(yet), so getting fresh greens in our diet can become challenging. I get tired of lettuce from the grocery store so I am sprouting seeds. Through the process of sprouting, the starches and proteins in grains and beans are broken down into simple sugars and amino acids, which are simpler for the body to digest, and their high enzymatic value makes them arguably the healthiest fresh food on the planet. (Fresh Food from Small Spaces) I think alfalfa are my favorite. It takes only 4-7 days to sprout most seeds and they keep well in the fridge.

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