Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking Ahead

As we take this time to look back over the year and what we might do different in the coming year, my thoughts and plans turn to next summer's garden. The new year is when we gather all the seed catalogues and make our choices for next years garden. What varieties did good for us and what ones didn't. As I make these selections I will post them for you, so you too can know what varieties have proved themselves year after year in our own garden. We plant hybrid and heirloom seed. One we plan to try this spring is an heirloom open pollinated sweet corn and letting it dry on the ear for grinding into corn meal. Fruit trees can also be pruned now although late fall and early winter are better for the trees. Even though there is not alot to do outside, we can minimize the business of spring by being prepared now. Sharpen the hoe, take care of broken handles, (my husband custom makes hickory handles) oil in sand makes a good preservative and cleaner for hoe heads, forks and shovels. Let's be ready.

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