Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stocking Up

During the months of August and September harvesting of vegetables and fruits begin. Today I will be finishing the peaches just in time to start harvesting the apples. My husband has already used the apple cider press 2 times for a total of about 12 gallons. Some of this goes in the freezer for later and some we drink. This year we will try apple cider vinegar with a batch of cider. We have Amish friends who are willing to share their cider mother with us to get the vinegar going. Kind of like brewing beer or Kombucha. We dug 4 rows of Yukon Gold potatoes last week and had nice large spuds for storage. If you haven't grown Yukon Golds you are missing a wonderful creamy, buttery flavor. The Vermont Cranberry beans were pulled and are drying on racks. When they are dry we will split the bean pods and store the dried beans for soups. We still have sweet corn growing and the ears should be ready at the end of the week for freezing. I am starting to pick some winter squash off the vines to harden for storage. Next time I will be posting pictures of late veggies that are started and growing in the garden and harvested vegetables ready for storage. Happy harvesting!

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