Saturday, August 11, 2012

Organic Peaches

Peaches are one of those fruits that just need to ripen on the tree to get the most delicious and juicy flavor imaginable. Peach trees require a sweet soil so lime should be added in the fall and top dressed with good composted manure at the drip line. I use the tiller to work the soil a little on top all around the trees' drip line and then add the amendments.  When peaches are the size of golf balls I spray with Surround, a kaolin clay that protects the fruit  from bugs. This freestone peach is Early Elberta and is the size of a baseball. Very easy to pit and freeze or can for pies. I think some more jam is in order too!

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  1. I love peaches! We're experiencing a shortage of peaches, apples to name a few... since we had an unusually WARM & early spring, blossoms, followed by a killing frost (in Michigan)! I bought a few peaches to make a peach cobbler for my family last weekend - at about $1 per peach! It tasted super!!