Friday, May 4, 2012

Another woodland treasure

Throughout the spring and early summer I will be posting about wild or not so common herbs for farm and stable(us included). This is sweet cicely- Myrrhis odorata. A very tonic plant found in shaded woods with a sweet myrrh scent( I think it smells a little like licorice), that goats and horses love. The leaves and roots are used in treating digestive ailments, constipation and coughs. I often gather all kinds of herbs from my garden or woods to feed the goats. If they don't want it I figure they don't need it so I through it to the chickens and what they don't eat gets composted. Herbs and woody plants are very high in minerals and goats usually crave them.

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  1. We have 20-acres 'virgin woodland' that I would love to fence for my goats (and sheep too)- some day??? In the meantime, I really should make it part of my routine to spend more time gathering on their behalf!!! They love love love the mixed greens!!! Nice post!