Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ram and mule

On Sat. morning my husband and I set off to York, PA to pick up a BFL ram and shetland mule ewe lamb. Our destination was Kathy Davidson's farm and a side trip to Gettysburg. We were not expecting the pleasant welcome of Kathy and her family not to mention the awe inspiring time we had at Gettysburg. The temperature soared to 94 on Sun. but this did not daunt our determination to enjoy our PA trip. Our lambs are safely home and enjoying the new pasture. They will be added to the rest of the flock in a week.


  1. Nice!
    That ewe is stunning - a close-up of the fleece is in order.

  2. Hi Tari,
    How did you get them to pose so beautifully? Lisa, her fleece is awesome.

  3. Ah! Enter the border collies.