Thursday, July 16, 2009

Farmers Market

For the last month on Saturday mornings,
I've been taking produce and fiber products to
the farmers market in Marietta OH. I've had
good success with my items and have sold out
of my all natural produce. It's been a little hot
to push the yarn, but I have sold roving, yarn
and homemade spindles.
I have quite a clientele who visit my stand weekly. I try to have one item every week made from fresh herbs on hand.
My lavender shortbread was a big hit! Yes, it is eatable!

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  1. Hi Tari! I'm so glad we 'met'. I believe we are kindred spirits! I am 53 years old and have been blessed with 2 children; Matt is a freshman at University of Michigan (go blue!) and Katie, is almost 15 years old...she's been active in 4H dairy goat project since we bought our first Alpine, 3 years ago - so I guess you can call us 'newbies'! I love your blog and your woven rugs! I hope to weave rugs one day with my Shetland wool and locks from my friend's Border Leicester and Lincoln sheep. I share copies of your book list, but have to get the herbal one for the farmyard critters! I also want to make the goat's milk cheddar, but routinely make chevre, ricotta & feta. YUM! God bless! Jen